Why Organize Tools?

Whether or not you consider yourself organized, keeping your workplace clean and orderly can really pay dividends. There is so much information and emphasis on 5S SystemsKaizenSix Sigma and other Lean Manufacturing concepts, a main component of which is workplace organization. In a shop or warehouse, you can lose large amounts of time if employees are constantly looking for tools. Replacing lost tools or duplicating tools you already have because they are “hiding” also becomes costly expense.

tools in foam

Having an organized tool box, tool drawer, peg board or work bench really helps to keep these wastes in check. Consider the following to create (and maintain) and organized workplace:

  • Clean and declutter your workspace. Toss out trash, empty bottles, random nuts and bolts and washers, etc.
  • Organize items in a logical order. Tools should have a specific place in a tool box, drawer or on a peg board. Make sure you put the most used items in the most convenient places, and the least used items in the hardest to reach places. Really think about the order of things before you create permanent spots for tools.
  • In drawers, use tool foam kits to cut tool outlines and create a permanent home for each item. On pegboards, use tool outline vinyl to create shadow boards.
  • At the end of each day, or shift, make sure to put tools back in their designated spots. This ensures that tools can be easily located during the next shift or at the start of the next day. This may take a few minutes of time each day to replace tools, but it will save loads of time in the long run.
  • Set a schedule where you regularly go through your workspace and repeat the clean and declutter process. Maintaining this organization, once it’s set up, will pay for itself over and over again in time and cost savings.

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