How To Cut Tool Foam

Use our tool foam kits to create custom tool foam outlines in three easy steps. Never misplace your tools again!

Tool Foam Step 1
Lay out your tools on the paper side of the foam as you want them to be stored in your toolbox or drawer (Note: you are drawing on the back of the foam, so your tools will be arranged in the opposite direction when you flip over the foam). Trace around the tools. Remember to cut a notch for items like wrenches or screwdrivers, which allows you to pick up the tool.

Tool Foam Step 2
Use a sharp utility bladehot foam knife, or foam board cutter to cut along the lines you drew on the paper backing.

Tool Foam Step 3
Peel & Stick
Peel the paper backing from the foam and carefully stick the foam onto your bright foam backing.

Place the custom cut foam into your tool drawer or tool box and reap the rewards of always being able to find your tools!

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