A Simple Guide for Tool Storage

Having a standardized system for tools is key to keeping your facility clean, organized, safe, and efficient. Whether you’re working through the 5S methodology or you need to declutter workbenches, you will find when workers can find tools and you have a comprehensive tool storage system, production will run much smoother. Tool Organizer Foam For tool drawers or tool chests, you can use customizable foam to create a tool organization system to prevent tools from …

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How To Cut Tool Foam

Use our tool foam kits to create custom tool foam outlines in three easy steps. Never misplace your tools again! Trace Lay out your tools on the paper side of the foam as you want them to be stored in your toolbox or drawer (Note: you are drawing on the back of the foam, so your tools will be arranged in the opposite direction when you flip over the foam). Trace around the tools. Remember to cut …

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Why Organize Tools?

tools in foam

Whether or not you consider yourself organized, keeping your workplace clean and orderly can really pay dividends. There is so much information and emphasis on 5S Systems, Kaizen, Six Sigma and other Lean Manufacturing concepts, a main component of which is workplace organization. In a shop or warehouse, you can lose large amounts of time if employees are constantly looking for tools. Replacing lost tools or duplicating tools you already have because they are “hiding” also becomes costly expense. Having …

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